Saturday, May 14, 2011

Notes on "Between the Folds" (documentary)

Oragami is a very interesting art-form.  In particular, I am interested in the idea of transformation.  Taking what is essentially a linear plane and modifying it into another plane of existence.  Theoretically, the artist must become one with the paper, view it, see it, feel it become something else.  The post-modernist view:  What can you do with one fold?  This could be a very moving area of study for not only sculpture, but sketch.  Whenever I think of oragami I think back to something one of my favorite art professors told me. 

"Anything you can make with paper you can make with metal"-Deanna Skedel 
This is something I'd like to explore once again.  

I was at one time enamored with working with paper.  I used it because it was nearby and I had to do something to keep my hands and mind occupied.  I would work with it almost as if I were in a trance.  Methodically, neurotically, impulsively.  

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