Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Summer of DIY

So, I've decided to take an active step in learning how to use this blog.  Here's to hoping that I have something interesting to say!

This is is the proclaimed SUMMER of DIY Projects!!!!  Yay, Yay!  Can you hear the crowds chanting in glee?  Well, maybe that is just the feeling I get when I find a new project to tackle.  Hmm, let me just go ahead and make a list of the tentative and not-so-tentative projects that I would be ecstatic to complete or even begin this summer.

  • Bridesmaid's Dress-  I have the honor of being one of the bridesmaids in my best Gal Pal's wedding this August.  The colors are pale yellow with hints of green and orange; or so they were last time I spoke with her.  Gal Pal decided to do a DIY wedding (one of the main reasons I love this lady so much- she is just as DIY-centric as myself!) She decided to have each of the three of us choose the pattern of dress we wanted to wear and simply use the same fabric.  We are all keeping our lengths to a similar hemline as well to bring unity to the dresses.  Somehow (as tends to happen when we are together) the idea was thrown out to sew our own dresses.  Great idea, right?  Whoops! Problem is that I don't know how to machine sew.  This is quite a daunting task to take on, but as I have not only Gal Pal's mentorship, I also have the assistance of Mama Swan (Gal Pal's Mama) and  GP's sister, who is as organic, DIY, as she can possibly be.  Still, I'm making my own dress.  WEEE!!!! 
  • Keeping my African Violet alive.  Step one towards healing a life-long struggle with bad plant maintenance and gardening. 
  • Wedding Cake-  Oh?  That same wedding?  I'm baking and decorating the wedding cake!  I may stinck at gardening, but I'm amazing in the kitchen.  This will be my maiden voyage into wedding cake making, but be prepared for some food voyeurism in this segment leading up to the big event!
  • New Throw Pillows and Placemats- Y'know to work my way towards that dress!  
  • Re-Finishing a set of Vintage Television Trays.
  • Re-purpasing a set of planters and terracotta pots.
There may indeed be some bumps along the road this summer, but hopefully I will be able to accomplish these tasks and perhaps a few other fun projects along the way.  

Take today!  Recently, Mamacita, my own ornery Mama, requested I clean out her garage for Mother's Day.  This resulted in me moving my final few boxes of childhood memorabilia out of her home and into my garage.  One of the items I did receive from Mamacita however, was a family antique that has unfortunately been neglected for too long.  It is an old Kellogg telephone from around 1907-1908 that used to hang on the wall of the old farmhouse my family owns in Southern Kansas.  

I took the first step into rediscovering this piece of our family's history simply by cleaning off the first layer of dust that had accumulated on it.    Pretty cool, if I do say so myself.  

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